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76mm Rose Gold Copper Cabinet Cup Handle 160mm Bar Handle & Round Knob

Bright rose gold, copper finished handles & matching knob. A cup handle with 76mm centres, a bar handle with 160mm centres & a knob

64mm Matt Black Shaker Cup Handle & 38mm Round Knob

A Sleek & Smooth Matt Black Shaker Cup Handle with 64mm Centres & Matching Round Knob

64mm 160mm Brushed Brass Cabinet Handles & Matching Knobs

Simple & Smooth Brushed Brass Cup Handle with 64mm Centres & Matching Round Knobs

Polished Chrome Cabinet Cup Handle with 64mm Hole Centres & 35mm Knob Pull

A neat & versatile, polished chrome finished, shaker style, cup handle with 64mm centres & matching round knob

96mm & 128mm Antique Brass Cup Handles & 38mm Knob

A Family of Beautiful Aged & Antique Brass, Shaker Cup Handles & Matching Knob

96mm Polished Brass Shaker Cabinet Cup Long Handle

A Beautiful Polished Brass, Shaker Cabinet Cup Handle with 96mm Centres

46mm Chrome Copper Pewter Dowel Fix Dummy Hinge Pair

A Decorative Pair of Either, Polished Chrome, Antique Copper or Antique Pewter Dowel Fix, Dummy Hinges in 46mm Centres