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64mm 96mm & 128mm Rustic Antique Copper Cup Handle D Handles & Round Knob

A Family of Antique Copper Handles & Knob, A Cup Handle with 64mm Centres, D Handles with 96mm & 128mm Centres & Knob

128mm & 160mm Rustic Antique Copper Angled Feet Cabinet D Handles

A Rustic Antique Copper, Duo of D Handles with 128mm & 160mm Centres

128mm Antique Nickel Kitchen Cabinet Bridge Handle

An Antique Nickel, Cabinet Bridge Aged Handle, with 128mm Centres

128mm Antique Cast Iron Rustic Flat Feet Cabinet D Handle

A rustic & antique style, cast iron, D-handle with 128mm centres

128mm Rustic Cast Iron Pewter Traditional Cabinet Bow Handle

A Cast Iron Rustic Farmhouse Style, Cabinet Handle with 128mm Centres