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32mm 128mm 160mm 192mm 320mm Brass Angular Handles

A Family of Matt Brass, Cabinet Squared & Angled Handles, with Centres of 32mm, 128mm, 160mm, 192mm, & 320mm

128mm 160mm 192mm 256mm 320mm Chrome Angled Handles

A Family of Square, Angular, Polished Chrome, Cabinet D-Handles with 5 Centre Sizes, 128mm, 160mm, 192mm, 256mm & 320mm

160mm & 320mm Long Matt Black Square D Handles

A Duo of Long Matt Black, Cabinet Square Stepped, D-Handles with 160mm & 320mm Centres

160mm 192mm 320mm Polished Chrome Stepped D Handles

Uniquely Shaped Polished Chrome Finished Cabinet Handles with 160mm, 192mm and 320mm Centres  

160mm 192mm 320mm Antique Iron Square Stepped D Handles

An Aged Iron Flat Faced Handle with Stepped Detail Available in Three Sizes