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Antique Brass Knurled Solid Brass Bar Handles & Matching Button Knobs

Solid brass knurled T-Bar handles & two matching round button knobs with a dark, aged brass finish.

Dark Bronze Rippled Cabinet Curved Handles & Matching Disc Knob Pull

Gently curved, bronze pull handles with either 128mm or 256mm fixing centres and matching disc knob-pull.

Black Textured Knurled Cabinet T-Bar Handles & Matching Knobs

A stunning family of matt black, textured knurled design, handles and matching knobs, in a variety of sizes.

128mm 160mm 224mm Brushed Nickel Cabinet Bow Handles

A Trio of Contemporary Brushed Nickel, Curved Bow Cabinet Handles, with 128mm, 160mm & 224mm Centres

160mm Brushed Nickel Kitchen Cabinet Slim Square D Handle

A thin brushed nickel, slim, square D-handle for cabinet door with 160mm centres

Sanded Wood Birch Cabinet Round Knobs 40mm & 55mm

Traditional, sanded wood, birch shaker kitchen cabinet round knobs.

Polished Chrome Slim Handles 128mm 160mm 192mm 224mm 288mm

A Simple & Modern, Polished Chrome, Cabinet, Slim Handles with 128mm, 160mm, 192mm, 224mm and 288mm Centres

Dark Brushed Brass 64mm Cup Handle & Matching Knobs

A family of 64mm cup handle & matching knobs, in a modern dark-brushed brass finish.

Polished Chrome Small Square Cabinet Knob with 16mm Centres

A gentle & neat, polished chrome, square, cabinet knob with 16mm hole centres.

Antique Pewter Rustic Iron Cabinet D Handles 128mm & 320mm Centres

Charming and rustic handles in an antique pewter finish with either 128mm or 320mm hole centres.

Polished Chrome Cabinet Slim Curved 160mm D Handle

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A great polished chrome, slim-line, cabinet curved D-handle with 160mm centres.

Brushed Nickel Cabinet Scalloped Detail Small Round Knob Handle

A sweet & delicate, small knob with a versatile, scalloped detail and brushed nickel finish.