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Satin Brass Fluted Bar Cabinet Handles 160mm & 320mm & Matching T-Bar Knob Pull

Reeded, satin brass bar handles with 160mm or 320mm fixings and matching t-bar style pull.

Satin Brass Hammered T Bar Handle & Matching Round Knobs

Soft, satin brass textured handle and 3 sizes of matching, round knob.

Satin Brushed Brass Ribbed Cabinet Handle Collection in 7 Styles

7 Styles of handle in a satin brushed brass with a mix of a ridged, grooved texture and smooth finish.

Solid Satin Brass Reeded T-Bar Handles & Matching Pull Knobs

Solid brass handles with a grooved, satin finish with either 128mm, 160mm or 224mm fixing centres & choice of matching knob pulls.

Brushed Brass Strap Style Bar Modern Cabinet Handle in 128mm & 160mm Centres

A light, brushed brass handle with dropped, curved end detail and two choices of fixing centres.

Solid Brass Antique Reeded T-Bar Handles, T-Bar Pull & Round Knob

Solid, aged brass, grooved T-Bar handles in 3 sizes with 2 styles of matching knob.

Brushed Brass Gold Hexagon T Bar Handles 160mm & 320mm & Matching Pull

Two lengths of bar handle with a hexagonal twist & a matching T-bar knob-pull in a smooth brushed brass finish.

Antique Brass Hammered T Bar Cabinet Handle 160mm & Matching Round Knobs

Aged, smoked, solid brass textured handle and 2 sizes of matching round knob.

Brushed Satin Brass Gold English Shaker Cabinet Round Knob Pull

Brushed, satin brass cabinet pull knob, made from solid brass.

Satin Brass Soft Gold Retro Squared Ring Pull Cabinet Handle with 32mm Hole Centres

A retro, squared, ring pull, cabinet handle in a satin brass finish with 32mm centres.