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Dark Bronze Rippled Cabinet Curved Handles & Matching Disc Knob Pull

Gently curved, bronze pull handles with either 128mm or 256mm fixing centres and matching disc knob-pull.

Rose Gold Copper Cabinet Cup Handle 76mm & Bar Handle 160mm & Round Knob

Bright rose gold, copper finished handles & matching knob. A cup handle with 76mm centres, a bar handle with 160mm centres & a knob.

Antique Copper Bow Shaped Cabinet Handle 160mm & Matching Round Knob

A simple yet modern and brushed antique copper, bow handle with 160mm centres & matching knob pull.

Antique Copper Rustic Cabinet Cup Handle 64mm & D Handles 96mm & 128mm & Round Knob

A family of antique copper handles & knob to choose from. A cup handle with 64mm centres, D-handles with 96mm or 128mm centres & a round knob.

128mm & 160mm Rustic Antique Copper Angled Feet Cabinet D Handles

A Rustic Antique Copper, Duo of D Handles with 128mm & 160mm Centres

128mm 160mm 192mm 320mm Antique Copper T Bar Handles

An On-Trend, Antique Copper, Cabinet, Round T Bar Handles with 128mm, 160mm, 192mm & 320mm Centres

160mm Dark Brushed Antique American Copper Cabinet Handles

A Selection of Dark Brushed, Antique Copper, Cabinet Handles in Different Styles, with 160mm Centres