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Brushed Nickel Cabinet Knurled Handles 128mm & 320mm Centres & Matching Knob

A stunning family of brushed nickel, textured knurled, cabinet handles with 128mm & 320mm centres & matching knob.

Brushed Nickel Cabinet Bow Handle with 128mm Centres

A smooth & versatile, brushed nickel, bow-shaped handle, with 128mm hole centres.

160mm Brushed Nickel Cabinet Modern Bow Bridge Handle

A Stunning, Shallow & Smooth, Brushed Nickel Bridge Handle with 160mm Centres

Polished Chrome & Nickel Long Panelled Cabinet Handles With 160mm 192mm 224mm Centres

A modern & two-tone, polished chrome & brushed nickel, slim, panelled cabinet handle with three different hole centre options.

Brushed Nickel Long Classic Feet Detail Cabinet D Handle 320mm Centres

Original price was: £9.10.Current price is: £7.57.Each
A long, brushed nickel, classic with feet detail cabinet D-Handle with 320mm centres.

Brushed Nickel Screw Fix Trims Profile Handles 596mm & 796mm Centres

596mm & 796mm Hole Centred, brushed nickel, screw fix trim Handles for the top of kitchen cabinets.

Brushed Nickel Cabinet S Shaped Handles in 96mm 128mm 160mm Centres

A unique trio of brushed nickel, S-shaped, cabinet handles with either 96mm, 128mm or 160mm centres.