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160mm Brushed Nickel Knurled Handle & Boss Bar Pull

A Versatile Brushed Nickel, Textured Knurled, Cabinet Handle with 160mm Centres & Matching Boss Bar Knob Pull

160mm Brushed Nickel Kitchen Cabinet Strap Handle

A Gently Curved, Bridged Strap Handle with 160mm Centres

160mm Brushed Nickel Silver D Shape Cabinet Handle

Original price was: £3.24.Current price is: £2.59.Each
A D-Shaped Handle with A Full Squared, Dropped Pull, With 160mm Centres

96mm Brushed Nickel Torpedo Pointed T Bar Handle

A Unique Take on a Traditional T-Bar Handle with Rounded & Pointed Ends with 96mm Centres

96mm Satin Nickel Traditional Cabinet Shaker D Handle

A Satin Nickel, Featuring False Screw Detailing, Cabinet Shaker D-Handle with 96mm Centres