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Matt Black Knurled T Bar Handles & Cylinder Knob Pull 160mm & 320mm

An impressive pair of matt black knurled, cabinet T-bar handles with either 160mm or 320mm hole centres & matching knob.

Black Textured Knurled Cabinet T-Bar Handles & Matching Knobs

A stunning family of matt black, textured knurled design, handles and matching knobs, in a variety of sizes.

Matt Black Square D Handles 128mm 160mm 320mm Centres

A family of squared D-shaped matt black handles with 128mm, 160mm or 320mm centres.

Matt Black Retro Squared Ring Pull Design Cabinet Handle with 32mm Centres

A retro, squared, ring pull, cabinet handle in a matt black finish and with 32mm hole centres.

Matt Black Steel T Bar Cabinet Handles 96mm 128mm & 160mm Centres

A sleek trio of steel matt black and round kitchen cabinet T-bar handles, with either 96mm, 128mm or 160mm centres.

Matt Black Shaker Cabinet Cup Handle 64mm Centres & Matching Round Knob

A sleek & smooth, matt-black, shaker cabinet cup handle with 64mm hole centres & matching round knob.

Matt Black Ridged Reeded Cabinet Slim Handle 160mm Centres

A statement piece, matt black, ridged or reeded cabinet handle with 160mm hole centres.

160mm Matt Black Knurled Square Boss Handle & Bar Pull

A Contemporary, Matt Black, Textured Knurled, Square Boss Cabinet Handle with 160mm Centres & Matching Boss Bar Knob Pull

160mm Black Nickel Gloss Square D Cabinet Handle

A High Sheen Black Nickel, Square Cabinet D-Handle with 160mm Centres

Gunmetal Black & Polished Chrome Knurled D Handles 160mm & 320mm Centres

A duo of striking, knurled textured, black & polished chrome, square D-handles with 160mm & 320mm hole centres.

160mm Gun Metal Dark Grey Knurled Boss Bar Handle

A Unique, Gun-Metal Dark Grey, Cabinet Knurled-Textured Handle with 160mm Centres

96mm Matt Black Inset Recessed Rectangular Cabinet Handle

A Matt Black, Inset Rectangle Drawer or Door Handle, with 96mm Centres