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Matt Black Angular Squared Bar Cabinet Handles in 5 Sizes

A family of contemporary squared & angled, matt black D-handles, with either 128mm, 160mm, 192mm, 256mm or 320mm centres.

160mm & 320mm Long Matt Black Square D Handles

A Duo of Long Matt Black, Cabinet Square Stepped, D-Handles with 160mm & 320mm Centres

160mm 192mm 320mm Polished Chrome Stepped D Handles

Uniquely Shaped Polished Chrome Finished Cabinet Handles with 160mm, 192mm and 320mm Centres  

Antique Iron Square Stepped Cabinet D Handles 160mm 192mm 320mm Hole Centres

An aged, iron flat-faced cabinet handle, with stepped detail available in three sizes.

Polished Chrome Art Deco Cabinet Ridged Reeded Knob Pull

Original price was: £2.83.Current price is: £2.69.Each
A unique and tapered, polished chrome knob with an art deco ridged look.