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Brushed Matt Black Slim Curved Edge Lip Pull Handles in 4 Lengths

Minimalist, matt black, profile trim handles in 40mm, 100mm, 200mm and 350mm lengths.

Brushed Brass Cabinet Handle 128mm 320mm Hole Centres

A modern & slim 128mm & 320mm centred, square cabinet handle, finished in brushed brass.

Brushed Copper Cabinet Rounded D Handles 128mm & 160mm & Matching Round Knob

A beautiful, brushed copper, handle family, rounded D-handles with 128mm & 160mm centres & matching round knob.

Antique Copper Bow Shaped Cabinet Handle 160mm & Matching Round Knob

A simple yet modern and brushed antique copper, bow handle with 160mm centres & matching knob pull.

Brushed Satin Brass Soft Gold 64mm Half Moon Cabinet Handle Pull

A contemporary, satin brass, soft gold, half moon cabinet pull handle with 64mm centres.

Brushed Nickel Modern Curved Bow Cabinet Handle 160mm Centres

Simple, yet modern, brushed nickel bow cabinet handle, with 160mm centres.

160mm Brushed Nickel Kitchen Cabinet Slim Square D Handle

A thin brushed nickel, slim, square D-handle for cabinet door with 160mm centres

Brushed Nickel Arched Bridge Cabinet Handle 160mm Centres

A simple & modern, brushed nickel, cabinet arched bridge handle with 160mm centres.

Brushed Nickel Square Block Cabinet Handle with 160mm Centres

A substantial square handle in a brushed nickel finish, with 160mm centres.

Brushed Nickel Long Classic Feet Detail Cabinet D Handle 320mm Centres

Original price was: £9.10.Current price is: £7.57.Each
A long, brushed nickel, classic with feet detail cabinet D-Handle with 320mm centres.

Brushed Nickel Trim Edge Mount Profile Handles 147mm – 1197mm

A collection of 147mm - 1197mm trims in length, with a brushed nickel, modern finish, trim edge mount, profile handles.

Brushed Nickel Screw Fix Trims Profile Handles 596mm & 796mm Centres

596mm & 796mm Hole Centred, brushed nickel, screw fix trim Handles for the top of kitchen cabinets.