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Antique Brass Hammered T Bar Handle & Matching Round Knobs

Aged, smoked, solid brass textured handle and 2 sizes of matching round knob.

Antique Brass Grooved T-Bar Handles, T-Bar Pull & Round Knob

Solid, aged brass, grooved T-Bar handles in 3 sizes with 2 styles of matching knob

Antique Brass Square Cabinet Bar Handles with 160mm & 320mm Hole Centres

Bold, antique brass square frame handle with 160mm or 320mm fixing centres

Knurled Solid Antique Brass Bar Handles & Matching Button Knobs

Solid brass knurled T-Bar handles & two matching round button knobs with a dark, aged brass finish

Dark Antique Brass Knurled Cabinet Handles in 3 Sizes & Matching Knob

Solid brass knurled bar handles in 3 sizes with matching knob

Rustic Antique Brass Knurled Bar Handle & T-Bar Pull Knob

Characterful, aged brass bar handle with 128mm fixing centres & matching t-bar knob

96mm & 128mm Antique Brass Cup Handles & 38mm Knob

A Family of Beautiful Aged & Antique Brass, Shaker Cup Handles & Matching Knob