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Antique Pewter False Screw Cabinet Cup Handle with 64mm Hole Centres

Original price was: £3.01.Current price is: £2.71.Each
Dark, antique pewter, kitchen cabinet cup handle, with false screw detail & 64mm hole centres.

Antique Pewter Dark Silver Rustic Aged Cabinet Flat Top Round Knob Pull

A 35mm diameter, round cabinet knob in a rustic, antique pewter finish.

Antique Iron Square Stepped Cabinet D Handles 160mm 192mm 320mm Hole Centres

An aged, iron flat-faced cabinet handle, with stepped detail available in three sizes.

Cast Iron Cabinet Rustic Ornate Handles in 128mm 160mm 192mm Centres

A trio of traditional & rustic, cast iron, ornate cabinet handles in either 128mm, 160mm or 192mm centres.

Antique Cast Iron Rustic Flat Feet Cabinet D Handle 128mm Centres

A rustic & antique style, cast iron, D-handle with 128mm centres.

Antique Pewter Rustic Iron Cabinet D Handles 128mm & 320mm Centres

Charming and rustic handles in an antique pewter finish with either 128mm or 320mm hole centres.

Antique Pewter Traditional Cabinet Infinity Oval Knob Pull

A stunning & traditional, antique pewter, cabinet infinity-oval knob pull.

Dark Grey Pewter Cabinet Weave Textured Square Handle 160mm Centres

Original price was: £5.90.Current price is: £4.90.Each
A dark grey, pewter textured weave design, square cabinet wide handle with 160mm hole centres.

Polished Chrome Antique Copper or Pewter Dowel Fix Dummy Hinge Pair with 46mm Centres

A decorative pair of either, polished chrome, antique copper or antique pewter dowel fix, dummy hinges in 46mm hole centres.

Cast Iron Silver Rustic Cabinet Sherwood Bow Handle 160mm Centres

A rustic, silver cast iron, Sherwood bow, cabinet handle with 160mm hole centres.

Rustic Cast Iron Pewter Latch Detail Curved Cabinet Bow Handle 96mm Centres

A 96mm hole centred cast iron, latch handle in a rustic farmhouse-style.