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Antique Pewter False Screw Cabinet Cup Handle with 64mm Hole Centres

Original price was: £3.01.Current price is: £2.71.Each
Dark, antique pewter, kitchen cabinet cup handle, with false screw detail & 64mm hole centres.

Antique Iron Square Stepped Cabinet D Handles 160mm 192mm 320mm Hole Centres

An aged, iron flat-faced cabinet handle, with stepped detail available in three sizes.

Cast Iron Cabinet Rustic Ornate Handles in 128mm 160mm 192mm Centres

A trio of traditional & rustic, cast iron, ornate cabinet handles in either 128mm, 160mm or 192mm centres.

Cast Iron Antique Dimpled & Line Detail Round Cabinet Knob Pull

A line detailed and dimple centre, antique cast iron round cabinet knob with a 42mm diameter.

Antique Pewter Rustic Cabinet Oval Pull Knob

A simple, yet special antique pewter, cabinet oval, pull knob.

128mm Antique Cast Iron Rustic Flat Feet Cabinet D Handle

A rustic & antique style, cast iron, D-handle with 128mm centres

Rustic Antique Pewter Traditional Iron Cabinet D Handle 128mm Hole Centres

A charming, rustic & antique pewter, cabinet D-handle with 128mm hole centres.

Antique Pewter Traditional Cabinet Infinity Oval Knob Pull

A stunning & traditional, antique pewter, cabinet infinity-oval knob pull.

160mm Dark Grey Pewter Cabinet Weave Textured Square Handle

Original price was: £5.90.Current price is: £4.90.Each
A Dark Grey, Pewter, Textured Weave, Square Cabinet Wide Handle

46mm Chrome Copper Pewter Dowel Fix Dummy Hinge Pair

A Decorative Pair of Either, Polished Chrome, Antique Copper or Antique Pewter Dowel Fix, Dummy Hinges in 46mm Centres  

33mm Dark Brown Aged Cast Iron Cabinet Traditional Dark Antique Style Round Knob

Original price was: £5.41.Current price is: £4.49.Each
A Traditional Dark Antique Brown, Aged Cast Iron, Cabinet Round Knob

96mm Antique Pewter Nickel Rustic Weave Cabinet Bow Handle & Oval Weave Knob

A Beautiful Matching Handle & Knob with a Traditional, Aged Pewter Finish & Woven Design